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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Poverty Party Post - hi BOSSY

say *that* 10 times quickly - better than red leather yellow leather for a vocal warmup.

You will see I have added the BOSSY'S Poverty Party icon on the right - if you aren't familiar with her humorous take on damn near everything, well you just go enjoy.

TPP is for those of us in the blogosphere who might want to save a few shekels now and then.

Todays example, while not opera-related, will hopefully tweak you into looking seriously at: YOUR INSURANCE POLICY.

So my auto insurance was with that cute little esurance gal: clever commercials, committed to a paperless business model, and at the time: LOW rates.

In the time I was with them, no claims, no accidents, no NOTHING. And in return?

They raised my rates. Then, as a birthday present (mine was last week) they raised them again.

Reasoning? live in Michigan. Um what? The state with nearly double-digit inflation, and the highest unemployment in the US since 2004?

Hell to the no.

So I made a few calls, and found a comparable company, with a less cute, more irritating spokesmodel - think "tricked-out nametag". and they lowered my rate for the SAME EXACT policy by $76/month, or $912.00 a YEAR.

Thats some savings, folks.


  1. I've been with Progressive for maybe 2 years, or less, and I be likin' it. I'd actually allowed mine to expire with another company and Progressive allowed me to jump right in no problem.

  2. They upped your rate because you live in Michigan? That sucks. I already use the "tricked-out nametag" people. Guess I'd better stay.