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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Opera and Wine

So over at BOSSY's Poverty Party, we talked about wine.
ALWAYS a favorite subject for OG, although I think that means that I officially have become a middle-aged woman.
My 2 cents: 3-buck Chuck at Trader Joes - buy a case of it.

Anyway, I started thinking about operas that have wine drinking in them, and arias that are devoted to vino.

So here is my small list, which I will continue adding to.

Les Contes D' Hoffmann: the entire opera starts with a chorus to drinking, the "Glu, Glu"
Je suis la biere - We are beer
Je suis le vin - We are wine
(ok, techinically I am beer, I am wine, but the typical translation is "we")

Don Giovanni: The final act where the Don invites the statue to dinner.
"Vivan le femmine, Viva il buon vino"

The Brindisi from La Traviata
(link is a You Tube with the Pav and Millo: oh can;t go to any opera gathering without someone (usually who has had a few) breaking out into the Brindisi, which is actually NOT easy to sing at all.
(no amazon link for this one, but a great claymation video of the Choeur Bohemians)

Please feel free to add your own in the comments and I will add them to the post!

1 - How can you forget L'Elsier D'Amore?


  1. How can you forget L'Elsier D'Amore?

  2. OG smacks forehead in disbelief. How could I?

  3. Cavalleria Rusticana!

  4. I'm hearing good things about three buck chuck. I draw the line a twist cap thought :)

  5. Regina Merwin11/19/08, 8:36 PM

    Falstaff, Verdi's and I'm sure everyone else's.

    Verdi's Otello

    Die Fledermaus (Champagne)

  6. no twisty-caps with Chuck. ;)

  7. And...Macbeth's banquet scene