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Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy this week


OperaGal will be busy this week, so very little operatic posting, or otherwise. (maybe)

I am making LOTS of these draft stopper thingies and if you are trying to save a few $$ on your heat bills, order one today.

Yesterday we went to the Press Preview for the NAIAS 2009 (thats North American Auto Show to you)

word one - the new Taurus? SWANKY. VERY SWANKY. Even sexy. (photos later today)

Operatic note: OG would appreciate it if the Met would stop scheduling their HD broadcasts on days with horrible weather, since the ONLY HD movie theater is one hell of a drive away.

Met folks - please check the Farmers Almanac before posting your schedule, as I would like to see just one Met production before I die.

Thank you.

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