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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Internet radio and bandwidth costs

No, it won't be one of *those* posts - the kind where we beg for $$ due to bandwidth issues.
(but hey...if you want to help...)

Recently I engaged in a rather spirited discussion on a newsgroup with a woman who thought it was perfectly OK to record Internet radio for later use, and didn't seem to think she was doing anything wrong when I pointed out the following:

1 - at the very least, the act of recording Internet radio is stealing bandwidth, which is mighty expensive when you stream live, as I do on

2 - radio content is often under copyright - which means this is no less wrong than borrowing a CD, making a copy, and then making multiple copies for others.

Some tips from 3 years in the trenches:
If you run a Shoutcast station, please check your DNAS logs for bandwidth hogs. Sure, its great to have lots of listeners, but if you have people who leave it on for days on end, kick them off. Make them come bakc and VISIT your site once in a while.

If you see 2-3 IP addresses that match in a row, thats usually a content scraper.

And above all, listen to your own station once in a while, and make sure its top-notch.

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